Rozwój motoryzacji w Polsce w latach 1919–1930

Mariusz Wojciech Majewski


Summarizing the first attempts to launch automobile production in the first decade of the 2nd Polish Republic, it must be stated that the vehicles manufactured in military factories
were produced by means of workshop methods, in relatively short series. In consequence, this made the produced vehicles expensive and luxurious. Yet they were not the main object
of production, as the majority of it was subject to the authority of MSWojsk. (Ministry of the Military). All productive activities of CWS (Central Automobile Workshops, later PZInż.:
State Engineering Factories) were relatively profitable, in comparison to undercarriages first imported from France and Italy, and later produced by ZM (Mechanic Factory) Ursus. The
crucial mistake committed by the management of MSWojsk. was the issue of choosing the licence-provider. The choice was made dependent on political and financial factors. However,
an undisputable achievement was the development of such a production branch that had not existed in the period immediately preceding Poland’s regaining independence.

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motoryzacja, PZI

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