Poszukiwania złóż ropy naftowej i gazu w Polsce (1919–1939)

Mariusz Wojciech Majewski


While evaluating the attempts to discover new reservoirs of petroleum and gas, it is necessary to emphasize the engagement of the state, which, despite the fact that the existing resources allowed to satisfy the automobile needs of the society, noticed the importance of the problem within the next decades. The works were conducted in different directions, by
engaging great capital in exploratory drilling, by making appropriate reserves of petroleum, starting import procedures, and conducting far-reaching studies on the production of synthetic fuels.
However, they were started late, both in time and in the introduced modifications, and most of the deficiencies resulted from the activities of the French capital, which was only
interested in short-sighted profits from the exploitation of the resources; this was visible in exporting low-processed resources. In their majority, these activities turned into rapid exploration
of the domestic market, and with such understanding of the system, all costs of search for new reservoirs were marginalized, first of all for economic reasons.

Słowa kluczowe

górnictwo nafty i gazu, historia gospodarcza Polski

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