Motywy orientalne w greckim malarstwie wazowym okresu geometrycznego (Kronika Geometryczna).

Marek Jakisz


The article discusses the formation of the painting decoration of Greek pottery the geometric period considerwd from the perspective of the potential sources of inspiration from which its creators could draw. Similarity between numerouthat the iconographic motifs appearing on Greek vessels and the presentations know from the Oriental art suggests that the latter could influence the artistic awareness of the ancient Greeks. This direction of influence is also suggested by other premises resulting from the charekter of the general activity of Greeks in the 8 th century B.C. and their reations with the external world. However, in many cases, pinpointing such dependencies is considerably hindered. On the one hand, there are diverse sources of influence, among which the tradition of the Minoan nd Mycenaean art which certainly overlapped with other impulses coming, from the East plays an impotrant role. On the other hand, the character of the artistic language of the Greek geometric art is so spmplified in pottery painting that it might lose important details that indicate exemplary sources of inspiration. Thus, in many examples of geometric pottery presentations we have no such certainty or we completely do not see links between the Greek geometric art and the atr of the East. However, it does not rule out its influence on the shape of other iconoraphic motifs and compositional schemas used for decorating geomatric vessels. among the compositions of Greek vessel decoration from the geometric period in which one can notice eastern aesthetic impulses that show the world of Greek funeral rituals (prothesis and iekphora scenes) and depictions defined as "battle scenes'. In bouth categories, the iconographic similarities to the Oriental art are so perceptible that one can venture a statement that a Greek potter could use the already existing patterns which were created in the East.

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antyczna Grecja, archaiczna sztuka grecka

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