Słonie bojowe w antycznych traktatach wojskowych.

Daniel Budacz


Treaties devoted to the theory of the military system belong to one the most important groups of ancient sources. Preserved works were created over almost a thousand years which left its mark on the quality and composition of particular works. They discuss the most interesting tactical manoeuvres and stratagems as well as focus on presenting training methods and application of particular tactical formaations in the battlefield. The article analyzes and acrutinizes information about war elephant units described in the works of asclepiodotus, Elian, frontinus, polyaenus and Arrian from the 1 st and 2 nd century B.C. The treaties contain information on the organization, armament, and the use of war elephants that cannot be found in any other sources. The article is the first work of the kind and thus is a synthesis that can be treated as a starting point for a further detailed analysis of the  phenomenon.

Słowa kluczowe

slonie bojowe, wojskowośc antyczna, antyczna histroiografia wojskowa

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