Parafia św. Mikołaja w Boćkowicach w okresie przedrozbiorowym.

Marcin Grabkowski


The article attemps to reconstruct the past of the parish in Bockowice located in the Świętokrzyskie Voievodship. Based on the availabe written sources, it tries to outline the history of the  parish and the settlements from which it was constituted. Then, the article discusses the tithe and proprietary relations as well as reconstructs the property of the local parish church. Description of the exterior and interior of the church as well as the surrounding utility buldings is possible only after referring to the modern sources. Some attention is paid to the church summons which, as it turns out underwent considerable modifications throught the years. Using notes of the latest church visitations, the article also provides information about religious that minorities that inhabited the area  of the parish. The article can also help with resaerching the colonization of this region of Poland which was carried out by the bishops from włocławek.

Słowa kluczowe

historia Polski średniowiecznej, historia Kościoła, Boćkowice

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