Nowosądecka Rada i Wydział Powiatowy "pod rządami chłopów" w 1909 roku.

Łukasz Połomski


The article presents the activity of district councilors from the People's Movement in Nowy Sącz in 1909 who had the greatest influence on the local politics. The were building their position from yhe end of the 19 th century whe the Peasant Party Union, the first peasnt party in Poland, was established in Nowy Sącz. When a chance occurred, after the death of the district marshal Władysław Głębocki, the peasants decided to take over the authorit. It happend in circumstances that raised legal doubts, particulary among the burghers who had been govering until that moment. During the goverment of the Concil led by the peasant marshal Stanisław Potoczek, financial irregularites related to the previous activity of the self-government were discovered. Apart from the Nowy Sącz burghers, blamed for the irrerularites was Karol Merkl, the previous secretary of the Concil who was responsible for the treasury. He was closely related to the financial elite of the city. The battue that broke out around Karol Merkl concerned even his private life and led to his dismissal. Further activity of the peasant council was interrupted by the decision of the Regency in Lviv which outlawed the council and its resolutions.

Słowa kluczowe

historia Polski, zabór austriacki, Galicja, Nowy Sącz, hstoria polityczna i społeczna

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