Z dziejów produkcji o charakterze militarnym w Hucie „Ludwików” w Kielcach 1919–1939.

Jan Główka


In the interwar period "Ludwików" Steelworks was the biggest metalworking facility in Kielce that, apart from civil articles, also produced goods for the army, such as filed kitchens, combat helmets made of niickel-molybdenum steel, canteens and pots, gas stoves, model 34 calvary war sabres, protective shields for cannons as well as grenade shells and blasting caps. Until 1928 "Ludwików" belonged to the Germany-owned "Poój" Steelworks concern. Insolvency of the concern, and later on its plcement under judical supervision caused that in 1934 the  State Treasury decided tobuy 52% of the actions of "Pokój" Steelworks by the agency of the National economy Bank. thus, "Ludwików" also got under conrtol of the goverment. In the 1930s, actionswere undertaken to increase the armaments production.

Słowa kluczowe

przemysł metalowy, produkcja zbrojeniowa, województwo kieleckie, Centralny Okręg Przemysłowy, Zagłębie Staropolskie

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