Francuska pomoc w wyposażeniu armii polskiej (1919–1939).

Józef Łaptos, Mariusz Wojciech Majewski


Shaping of the political and militarylliance between France and Poland in the interwar period had a cyclic character. Initially, the relations were close. French companies engaged yhemselvs financially in the development of war industr as well as fuel sector,  extraction industry, and light industry. Plans of modernizing the military forces were also developed in unsion. Representatives of French army played an important role in the process of educating the Polish officers. After the May Coup d'Etat, further cooperation was less close. One of the reasions for this situation was fact that the Polish establishent gathered around Józef Piłsudski was searching for ways of liberating the country from the restraining patronage. Further relations were resumed in 1936. Th efinancial and technilogical help of French was invaluable. However, in spite of the effors of Warsaw and Vilnius, it was not able to change the results of the defeat in September 1939.

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sojusz polityczny i wojskowy z Francją (1919–1939), współpraca gospodarcza

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