Polskie Kompanie Wartownicze wobec Skarbu Narodowego 1950–1955

Czesław Brzoza


The National Treasury was created in 1950 by Polish government in exile to gather financial means for covering the essentional expenses associated with maintaining the goverment as well as Polish educational and cultural institutions operating in different countries. The funds came from a voluntary tax that was paid by all Poles living in exile in the amount of 0,25% if their real monthly income.

The most important taxpayer in the West Germany were the Polish Guards Companies of the U.S. Army - the only organized and centrally-controlled Polish organization with substainable income. Not without importance was the fact that the guards paid twice the amount of the tax - 0,25% of their monthly income.

Thanks to that, in the years 1950-1955, the income of the Treasury from Germany was on the second place in Europe, after Great Britain, considerably surpassing the amount of money that was offered by the more numerous and stabilized Polish diaspora in France. the financial support provided by the company decreased considerably in 1955 due to political maneuvers in London related to the dispute of appointing the president.

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Skarb Narodowy, Polskie Kompanie Wartownicze, Polonia w Niemczech

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