Ubezpieczenia społeczne Żydów na ziemiach polskich okupowanych przez hitlerowskie Niemcy.

Łukasz Tomasz Sroka, Konrad Meus


Jews were fighting for ltheir  lives every day. Apart from forced labour, they also undertook voluntary low-paid jobs in German companies. The phenomenon occurred both in the General Government and the areas incorporated by Third Reich. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide statistical data regarding Jewish workers who received salary and were subject to obligatory payment of social insurance contributions. However, it is certain that the data might pertain to a few or even a few dozen thousand people.

When it comes to the General Government, the issue of paying social insurance contributions for Jewish workers  is obvious. The phenomenon is corroborated by the quoted archival documents. On their basis, we can state that obligatory social insurance contributions were of the numerous methods used to discriminate Jews during World War II and to then economically, especially that Jews were deprived of the possibility of receiving benefis that resulted from those contributions (there was an exception concerning sickness allowances). In those circumssstances, one can assume that financial resources gathered in this waywe used to support Nazi Germany.

Słowa kluczowe

Żydzi, II wojna światowa, Generalne Gubernatorstwo, III Rzesza, ubezpieczenia społeczne, praca przymusowa, praca dobrowolna

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