Przekształcenia struktur gospodarki regionu podkarpackiego. Procesy metropolizacji, procesy globalizacji.

Zbigniew Makieła


The aim of the article is to describe the process of transforming the structure of the economy of  Podkarpacie under the influence of metropolisation processes. The region is presented in the view of processes that are changing estern Poland. Eastern Poland is socially and economically distinct, its specificity requires that special actions are undertaken the discrepancies between the region and the rest of the centuty.

The rogions of the eastern Poland  have the lowest entreprenurship indicators in the country, and the lowest one is in the Podkarpacie Voivodeship. Synthetic indicator or the potential and strength of the economy GDP per citzen show that the region is economically the weakest. Eastern regions have a defective agrarian structure - high employement rate in agriculture and low marketability of products. The worst situation is in Podkarpacie where 7,4% off all people employed in agriculture work and the value of purchase of agricultural products expressed as grain units is lower than in the rest of Poland. The article presents a thesis that the development of big cities in the east of the country could be an impulse of economic growth of the region. It is necessary to invest in the factors of regional growth, namely building the infrastructure (motorways, fast hingways, raily), to create conditions for the development of knowledge-based economy, to invest in humen resources and social capital.

Słowa kluczowe

metropolia aglomeracja, region, strategia, gospodarka oparta na wiedzy

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