Po upadku Liceum krzemienieckiego (1805–1831). Polemiki i wspomnienia.

Ewa Danowska


The Lyceum of Krzemieniec was founded by Tadeusz Czacki, in cooperation with Hugo Kołłątaj, in 1805, under the name of Gymnasium of Wołyń.

Throughout less than 26 years of its existence, the school earned a permanent place in the history of the Polish Eastern territory under the Russian rule and in the history of Polish education. In the 1840s, a polemical debate was started between the crisis institutioin and its supporters, the former students. The debate originated with the publication of Mieszaniny obyczajowe Jarosza Bejły (Social medleys of Jarosz Bejła) by Henryk Rzewuski, who negated the value of this school. The defence of the school was taken up by, among others, Karol Kaczkowski, Gustaw Olizr, Adam Słowikowski and Jan Sowiński. With time, other publications appered - the school memories of former students, who recalled their youth in Krzemieniec with great sentiment. The attempt to publish a monograph of the school, initiated by Antoni Kamieński in the 1860s, was unsuccessful due to adverse circumstatces. The public had to wait for a conscientiously written history of the school until emotions ran and it was possible to describe objectively the history - both the good bad sides - of this famous and distinguished institution.

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