„Emigracja czy ucieczka” – dylemat krakowskiego „Naprzodu” (1892–1918).

Bernadeta Chlebicka


Economic emigration is an issue which has never invalidated either in historiography or in life. The problem perturbed the Polish society towards the end the period of patritions. Individual political parties expressed their opinions on economic emigration emigration in the columns of their jiurnals, often in opposition to each other. One of the most characteristic periodicals was "Naprzód", the left journal. The article aimed et presenting the problem of emigration as shown in Krakow's journal columns. The issue was analyzed on the basis of the "Naprzód" journalism, some other magazines journalism and particular manuscripts angled towards the Polish emigrants who suffered the same fate in a new environment of economically advanced countries of western Europe and the USA, faced prejudicial legal status, unfair treatment and dishonesty of emigration agents. The problem was shown as a paradigm that favours social and political views of Krakow's "Naprzód" but notes the differences in relation to other viewpoints and attitudies towards the matter. As the economic emigration is increasing and taking on a new profile, the historians feel obliged to cover different aspects of its history.

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społeczeństwo, emigracja, "Naprzód'

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