Monety Aretasa IV i Agryppy I a chronologia życia Jesusa. Czy Jezus został ukrayżowany w 21 r. po Chr. ?

Jerzy Ciecieląg


The article is an analyssis of the theory presented by Jerry Vardaman, who maintains that Jesus was born in 12 B.C, and crucified in A.D. 21. The American researcher questions numerous records whixh corraborate the traditional dating, basing his resasoning however, on dubious fundamentals, to say the least. We are often dealing with arguments which are fabricated. The most astrounding evidence, wjich supposelly confirms Vardman's hypothesis, are the coins issued by Aretas IV, King of Nabateans, and Agrippa I, KIng of Judaea. The American researcher found some micro-letters on those coins, which are suppesed to refer to Jesus. The ones on the coins of Aretas call him even the king, while the ones on the coins of Agrippa talk about the regin of Jesus. Vardaman's theory is a scientific curiosity which has no substantion in facts. The American scientist saw too much on said coins, or perhaps he rather saw what he wanted to see. Consequently, his theory is a set of wishful thoughts, and not tangible facts.

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Jezus Chrystus, Palestyna, chrześscijaństwo

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