Muzeum II Wojny Światowej. Katalog wystawy głównej, autorzy: Rafał Wnuk, Paweł Machcewicz, Oliwia Gałka-Olejko, Łukasz Jasiński, współpraca Jan Daniluk, Gdańsk 2016. (Kilka uwag i refleksji historyka)

Jacek Chrobaczyński


The Catalogue is an important addition to the exhibition itself, which is well-thought out, hierarchized, and covering the entirety of World War II. That is an important dierentiating factor. World War II (1939–1945) is a much broader phenomenon than just the Polish case or the issue of Poland during World War II. That is exactly the role the Catalogue fulfils.
Its inner structure is based on important categories of the historical process: historic time dynamics, space, hierarchization and constancy and change. The Catalogue as a whole attempts to
answer a fundamental historians’ question – why. The museum and museum exhibition is not a monograph, but based on the current state of research it presents the amount of phenomena that characterized World War II, including an attempt to answer the questions about the reasons for the cataclysm, its effects and after-effects.

Słowa kluczowe

Gdańsk, Muzeum II Wojny Światowej, pamięć historyczna

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