Na przełomie starych i nowych czasów. Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie w latach 1900–1901

Daria Błońska, Sławomir Adam Mróz


During the first period of the its existence – beginning in 1879 – the museum was run by Władysław Łuszczkiewicz. At this time, the statute was established, decisions were made on the internal structure of the organization, the board was elected and  exhibitions were launched based on the constantly expanding collection.

In the following text, the period between May 1900 (Łuszczkiewicz death) and July 1901 (taking board of the museum by Feliks Kopera) is presented. This period coincides with Teodor Nieczuja-Ziemięcki’s time as director and was of great importance for the history of the Museum. The crucial and complex changes that were part of the reorganization carried out at this time made possible the creation of the institution according to the highest contemporary standards. Among the most important are: expansion of the Museum by changing the Articles of Association,
changing the prerogatives of the management of the Museum and the inclusion of Museum staff in a group of municipal officials.

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National Museum in Krakow, Władysław Łuszczkiewicz, Feliks Kopera, Teodor Nieczuja-Ziemięcki

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