Szlachtuz Generalny – ze studiów nad administracją skarbową Wolnego Miasta Krakowa (1815–1846)

Mateusz Mataniak


The article concerns the activities of General Slaughterhouse (the Cracovian Abattoir) in the Free City of Cracow which was created on the initiative of the Governing Senat (Senat Rządzący), in the 1817-1818. The look of Slaughterhouse was recreated on the basis of archival materials. The scope of competence of the Cracovian Abattoir administration was shown. Detailed data on the number of slaughtered animals and the incomings from the Slaughterhouse fee to the budget of the Free City of Cracow were featured. In addition, there were presented the steps of the construction of new urban shambles and the ways how to ght aggainst the fraud. Also regulations concernin, inter alia, the prevention of animal diseases and ghting against backstreet slaughtering of cattle were characterized. Furthermore, there were presented the organisational frameworks of the veterinary administration.

Słowa kluczowe

Wolne Miasto Kraków, Szlachtuz Generalny, rzeźnia miejska, cech rzeźników, Weterynarz Miejski

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