Druga próba uruchomienia produkcji silników lotniczych Polskie Zakłady SŠkody (1926–1935).

Mariusz Majewski


Dissolution of the agreements with the French-Polish Aircraft and Automobile Plantsresulted in calling a competition for the start up of production of aircraft engines in Poland. Among the received offers, the military command selected the project of the Czech-Slovak concern of Škoda. Initially, the aircraft driving motors were  manufactured according to French, English, and American licences, and in 1928, our native constructions were   designed. At the outset, it was the 7-cylinder engine of 100 horsepower “Czarny Piotruś” G-594, then it was the G-760 of 260 horsepower. In the subsequent years, G-1620 “Mors” (340 HP) and “Foka” (420 HP) were created. The author of those designs was Stanisław Nowkuński together with the team including: Witold Łoziński, Jan Oderfeld, Włodzimierz Strzeszewski, and Ludwik Bełkowski.The production of aircraft engines on the territory of Poland, however, encountereda number of obstacles, such as the lack of tradition of machine building industry, and alsothe emergence of a whole chain of cooperation bonds. In 1926–1935, the Polish Škoda Plants tried to get in contact with the State Aircraft Plants, the steel works: “Bismarck”, Królewska”, “Pokój”, foundries: “Mieszczański” and “Babitt”. The experiments carried out with coloured metals usually ended with failure. Therefore, the production of the basic parts was entrusted to  foreign firms: Lorraine-Dietrich in Louneville, Škoda in Plzen and in Mlada Boleslav, Gnôme-Rhône, High Dutty All., Pratt & Whitney. The military command was not satisfied with that cooperation due to the higher costs of production.Another reason of discrepancy between the military command and the Polish ŠkodaPlants were the capital connections of the Czech-Slovak concern, and establishing direct relationships, both economic, political, and especially military with the soviet government. The final elimination of the Czech-Slovak agency from the war industry of the 2nd Republic occurred on May 6th, 1935, and the Polish Škoda Plants were merged into the concern of the State Aircraft Plants.

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historia gospodarcza, przemysł zbrojeniowy, lotnnictwo wojskowe

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