Związki dynastyczne książąt opolskich w XIV wieku.

Joanna Heluszka


The article is devoted to the dynastic relationship of dukes of opole in the 14th century. It focussed on the fact that long-lasting realization of political actions is always accompanied by forming dynastic relationships. An analysis of the dynastic policy requires answering the question: what were the aims of the dukes and were their political actions always consistent. In order to answer these questions, the author of the article analyzed the dynastic actions undertaken by the dukes of Opole in the 14th century. She paid  attention not only to the circumstances of marriages but also actions that were undertaken with regard to the offspring. Important was also noticing discrepancies in the actions that were undertaken towards  dukes and duchesses. The author tried to evaluate the dynastic  attractiveness of the dukes of Opole.

Słowa kluczowe

książęta opolscy, małżeństwa dynastyczne

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