Przybysze z miast księstwa opolskiego w czternastowiecznym Krakowie.

Jerzy Rajman


Research on immigrant groups in the urban commune of the 14th- century Krakow indicates that an important role was played by newcomers from towns loicated by the upper Odra and its tributary. The role consisted not only in their large numbers – several dozen of families can be identified – but primarily in their strong participation in the power elite. One can  observe a weak influx of burghers from the Duchy of Opole. During the first quarter of the 14th century, there was only one newcomer from each of the towns: Opole, Olesno and Krapkowice. Information that we have is  insufficient to examine their financial standing and family relationships. We can also confidently affirm that none of the abovementioned newcomers participated in the city council or was a lay judge. We have no information about their attitude towards the rebellion of Mayor Albert. In the second half of the first quarter of the 14th century, we can identify 10 families in Krakow who accentuated that they came from Opole and Olesno. A small influx is also visible in the light of the book of enrolments to civic law in the 1390s. A newcomer who made the most significant career was Ticzo Opuler who became aKrakow city counselor in 1379.

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Kraków, Opole, bunt, mieszczanie, przybysze

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