Rycerz dwóch władców – Hinczka z Roszkowic herbu Działosza.

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Hinczka of Rakoszowice, Działosza Coats of Arms came from the Silesian lesser nobility. His assets were located near Środa Śląska. Probably thanks to the influences of the Duke of opole. Vladislaus, a former lieutenant of the Kingdom of Poland, Hinczka and his relatives bought assets in the Mieluń area which, at that time, belonged to the abovementioned duke. The first documented purchase in that area was a village Szyszków, however Hinczka might have earlier incorporated a village called Działoszyn. He might have also used that name as the basis for the new name of his coats of arms as he was known as Salisz in Silesia. He was the founder of a new line of Działoszowie in the Kingdom of Poland. At the end of the 15th century, his both names were used interchangeably in Silesia.Hinczka was a loyal subject of the Duke of Opole Vladislaus. He remained at his sideeven when the Duke’s plan to take over the Polish throne failed. When the Polish nobility sent a delegation to its candidate to the throne in Cracow, the Duke of Lithuania, Hinczka represented the Duke of Opole. It proves that Vladislaus II of Opole trusted him. However, it also shows that the Silesian nobleman understood that the time of his protector was coming to an end and was looking for new supporters among the Polish noblemen. Thanks to his efficient policy, after the Duke of Opole was ousted, Hinczka found himself in the sphere of the influences of Vladislaus Jagiello to whom he owed his career on the Polish court. His sons also started their careers on the king’s court, and the middle son, Jan Hincza achieved a high status in the Crown. By his actions, diplomacy, and the ability to withdraw from the influence of the Duke of Opole at the right moment and by moving under the protection of the Polish king, Hinkcza opened a door to career for himself as well as his family.

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Śląsk, rycerstwo, kaiążę Władysław II Opolski, król Władysław II Jagiełło

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