Dziat alność konspiracyjna Stronnictwa Demokratycznego (1939-1945).

Ewa Fogelzang-Adler


The Democratic Party (SD) started its underground activities in the first months of German occupation. It played a significant role in Underground Poland, although considerably minor in comparison with the activity of the four parties of the Govemment coalition. Its role is confirmed by the participation, among others, in the Main Political Council; in its wide publishing and propaganda action, underground education, sabotage and military operations.
It was different political views held by party members that were responsible for the party split-up. On July 4, 1943 (an underground convention) beside the Democratic Party “Prostokąt” (“Rectangle”) there came into being the Polish Democratic Party (SPD). In autumn 1943,  SPD created the Youth Division, which was named the Movement of the Young Democracy. Apart from Warsaw region the Democratic Party conducted its activities also in the regions of Cracow, Lodź, Lvov and Vilnius. Among those, the Cracow organisation was particularly active. Some of the organisations that were active during the years of war and occupation
were connected with the Democratic Party, such as Polish Peasants’ Independence Organisation and Revolutionary and Independence Union. Besides, the Democratic Party “Prostokąt” and SPD initiated larger-scale democratic agreements: Social Organisation of Self-defence, Democratic Union, Centralisation of Democratic, Socialist and Syndicalism Unions. Some members of the party emigrated from the country, others continued their political work abroad, e.g. in France, Great Britain and Belgium.

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