Plan Marshalla w czechosłowackiej prasie (czerwiec-sierpień 1947).

Joanna Janus


Immediately after George Marshall’s declaration to provide assistance to  Europę in the process of its reconstruction (on June 5, 1947), the Czechoslovakian press tried to avoid taking a defmite stand in the matter. Elowever, some hope was transparent in the publications of “moderate” parties (Svobodne Slovo, Lidova Demokracie, Cas, Vyvoj) that Prague would use assistance of the USA. On the other hand, Rude Pravo, the Czechoslovak Communist Party joumal, following the Soviet press, was very suspicious towards the American proposal. And yet, when on June 22, 1947 the Soviet govemment expressed its willingness to participate in the discussion on MarshalPs plan, the communist press stopped criticism on the subject. In spite of the fact that Moscow fmally took a negative stand, the Czechoslovakian govemment decided to participate in the programme of the European reconstruction on July 4. Forced by the Soviets, it changed its decision on July 10.
After July 10, press notes in Rude Pravo with reference to Marshall’ s plan imitated those from the Soviet press. Moderate parties’ joumals in their attempts to keep the ties with the west, expressed sorrow because of the division of Europę, however, not intending to irritate Russians, they tried to convince its readership that the taken decision was right.

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