Manuel Godoy w świetle polskiej prasy przełomu XVIII/XIX wieku.

Barbara Obtułowicz


The article aimed at presenting Manuel Godoy, whose image was outlined in the Polish press during the period 1792-1808. Reports from Spain included in the Polish press focused on the political situation in the country and in that perspective the Spanish Prime Minister was described as a statesman, political figurę and a diplomat. Godoy’s efforts in intemal politics and culture, science, art, education and economy were extensively commented upon. Much has been written about his achievements in the military and defence systems of the country. The Polish press revealed the intimate aspects of his private life, his relationships with the Royal couple, that is Charles IV and Mary Louis, and also alleged reasons for his removal from the highest office in the country. Moreover, grounds for a generał antipathy, or even hatred of the Spaniards towards the Royal couple’s favourite were considered, and his tragic fate after the Aranjuez revolution in 1808 was analysed.

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Manuel Godoy, historia polityczna i społeczna, prasa

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