Polityka sowiecka wobec Korei i powstanie reżimu w Korei Północnej w latach 1945-1946.

Kim Seong-Bo


After the conclusion of war, Korea was divided along the meridian 38. North Korea was placed under the Soviet control and South Korea under the American domination. The Russians were particularly interested in keeping control over the Korean ports, however they were unable to push their idea of forming one govemment for whole Korea. Since the beginning of 1946 they have continued to undertake actions aimed at the transfer of the authority to rule over the land of Korea to the north of 38°N to the communists. Moscow was not immediately involved in the plans of including Korea in the territory of socialist influence, and the Korean people lost their only chance to unite their country because they “lacked wisdom to mediate between two conflicting superpowers.”

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historia polityczna, zimna wojna, Korea Północna

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