Karwacjanowie w Krakowie w XIV w. Mieszczańskie początki szlacheckiej rodziny ?

Dorota Lisowicz


The article makes a contribution to the researchc on phenomen of burghers into the nobility. The article is at attempt identifying the ancestery of the Karwacjan family and finding answers to gestion about the  associations of Dziersław Karwacjan, of Zadora coat of arms, the earliest identified heir of Gorlice, with the burgher family of a similar name, living in Krakow in the 14th century. The analysis of notes in the Krakow municipal archive booksdid not provide a clear answer, yet it did provide interesting arguments in favour of family relationship between the persons in question. There are many clues suggesting that also in the case of the Karwacjan family we are dealing with burghers who, owing to their fortune, managed to obtain the nobility title.

Słowa kluczowe

Karwacjanowie; hsitoria społeczna; Kraków

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