Eksport sprzętu lotniczego do Rumunii (1927-1939)

Mariusz Wojciech Majewski


Wht summing up the histiry of the aircraft export, it needs to be mentioned that the attempts of expansion were a result of excessive development of the aircraft manufactures in comparision with the financial capabilities of Poland. It needs to be highlighted that the export of aircraft equipment conditioned the maintenance of the hight production potential without breaks between the consecutive production cycles. Anather imortant reason for export production was the mobilisation factor as the stock could be made availabe to the Ministry of the Military Affairs if the country's existence was theatened.

The expansion of the aircraft industry of the Second Polish Republic was limited not only by the external competition, but primarily by the lack of specialists within SEPEWE (Stowarzyszenie Przemysłu Wojennego , Association of War Industry). The work of Eng Witold Rumbowicz and partially also of Eng Zbigniew Arndt brought little benefit. It also needs to be pointed out that the export of the aircraft equipment conditioned the development of next constructions. If can be said without exaggeration that over the span of ten years the Second Polish Republic appeared in the elitist group of six countries that exported the aircraft equipment. this ascertainment is even moreimportant when we mention that after regaining indepedence Poland lacked constructors as well as manufacturers and traditions.

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historia wojskowości, przemysł zbrojeniowy, lotnictwo wojskowe

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