Krakowskie Stowarzyszenie im. Róży Rockowej byłych Wychowanków Zakładu Wychowania Sierot Żydowskich

Martyna Grądzka


The article presents the history of a little-known Krakow Jewish charity association called Róża Rock’s Association of the former Wards of the Fostering Centre for Jewish Orphans.ntil now, academic literature devoted to the history of the Krakow Jewish district has lacked adetailed analysis of the history of this association.Róża Rock’s association was established at the end of the 1930s in the Kazimierz district.The aim of the article is to recreate the genesis of the creation of this charity organization as well as to present the analysis of its administrative structure. It needs to be emphasizedthat it was not atypical association that takes care of Jewish orphans. In accordance with its status, the association took care of young adults who were leaving the Fostering Centre forJewish Orphans at Dietla 64 Street and the Apprentice’s Dormitory for girls at Bonerowska 10 Street. Thus, by definition, the organisation was to be anatural continuation of the activity undertaken by the above-mentioned fostering centres. Of course, it was not possible for all of the former wards to continue living together or to finance everyday needs. However, theexistence and activity of this association became a meeting space for those young people. Simultaneously, it gave them a sense of security and afeeling that the former wards, regardless of their live situation, could count on one another.

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historia społeczna, Żydzi

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