Okcydentalizm i antyokcydentalizm w rosyjskiej tożsamości historycznej

Aleksandr W. Lipatow


The well known Russian researcher, who is specializing in Slavonic history and literature, considered
in this article two important thoughts. Firstly, he described the West-East communication.
He focused on Western inuences (political, cultural, religious) on the territory of Eastern
Europe. is issue has been discussed in a wide range, from Middle Ages to our times. In the
second problem, the author demonstrated how Russian perceive historiography of Western Europe.
Aer the end of the Cold War, we can legitimately use historical and geographical term:
Central Europe. Another point of his consideration was the diversity of European continent
aer the integration of its Eastern and Western parts.

Słowa kluczowe

historiogra!a rosyjska, słowianoznawstwo, chrześcijaństwo, okcydentalizm, Europa Środkowa i Wschodnia

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