Charles de Gaulle i jego najbliższe otoczenie w dokumentach ambasady PRL w Paryżu w latach 1958–1960

Maciej Stanek


This thesis was based on the documents that were provided by the Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Aairs and were signed by the ambassador of Polish People’s Republic in Paris. The narration in this correspondence between the embassy in Paris and Warsaw has got its own unique style and can be really interesting for the reader. e materials that were provided from the Archive, were compared with the available literature. However it is just a small percentage on the information about 20th century France. e thesis shows the condition of France in the late 1950s. The main protagonist is Charles de Gaulle but the reader’s attention is focused mainly on his environment: co-workers, political allies, his friends and opponents. Because of that, the paper is focused more on the internal policy of France, rather than the foreign policy of this country.

Słowa kluczowe

Francja, Charles de Gaulle, polityka wewnętrzna, ambasada polska w Paryżu

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