Dominions at the Slovakia-Moravian Border – Stability and Transition in the Early Modern Period

Zuzana Lopatková


The territory position of present Slovakia in Central Europe predestined its rich history and rolein the various historical periods, as well as at present. This area has always represented some interface between power interests, we can say a buffer zone, in which important historical eventstook place. The territory of western Slovakia had a particular strategic importance it had legal, as that part of Hungary which bordered with the Moravian area. The pre-eminent importance ofthe territory of Western Slovakia, especially of Záhorie region, indicate not only the numerous matches to take control of its territory, but also an effort of monarchs and nobility to conquerits fortifications in the form of a system of frontier medieval castles within the Kingdom of Hungary. In the presented study, we focus our attention on the western border of the Hungarian Kingdom, namely Záhorský district which represented an administrative organizational borderin the early modern era. In that period this district was also the state border with the Kingdomof Hungary and the Archduchy of Austria and Moravian Margraviate.

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Europa Środkowa, Słowacja zachodnia, królestwo Węgier, margrabstwo morawskie, granica

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