Uniwersytet nie tylko polski. Jeden z ostatnich śladów Rzeczypospolitej Jagiellońskiej – Uniwersytet Stefana Batorego w Wilnie – nadal czeka na swoją rzetelną monografię.

Przemysław Marcin Żukowski


The paper contains a review of M. Gawrońska-Garstka’s book about Stefan Batory University in Vilnius. The book was published in 2016 and, in my opinion, can’t be called monograph, due to several shortcomings. The author did not use the basic sources. After analyzing the “Bibliography” it become obvious that 80% of the signatures from the Lithuanian archive (f. 175) are not cited in the text. The language of the peer-reviewed book is infantile. Sentences are general and says nothing new. Style is illogical. Lack of ability to put up thesis and draw conclusions is blatant. Therefore, the book should not be considered scientific work as it contributing nothing to the history of USB.

Słowa kluczowe

Uniwersytet Stefana Batorego w Wilnie, Uniwersytet Wileński, Druga Rzeczpospolita, Litwa, Wilno, historia Polski 1918–1939, historia Litwy 1918–1939, historia nauki

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