Aдміністративне розмежування території підкарпатської русі і словаччини в 1920–1922 роках

Ігор Ліхтей


The article explains the process of administrative-territorial demarcation of the territory of Pidkarpatska Rus and Slovakia which began shortly aer signing of the Treaty of Saint-Germain, according to which the area south of the Carpathians, inhabited by Rusyns, was annexed to Czechoslovak Republic. As a basis, the demarcation line was determined by Paris Peace Conference that divided the territory of the former Uzhanska zhupa into halves. Uzhgorod zhupa was formed in its eastern part and western part draw off to Zemplin zhupa. In late 1920 the delimitation between these two administrative units was in general completed. However, the final point in the process was made in 1922 when the Czechoslovakian government subordinated to Pidkarpatska Rus the territory in the basin of the river Uzh, which, according to the demarcation line, had to belong to Slovakia.

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Ruś Przykarpacka, Słowacja, Użhorod, Zemplin, administracja dzielnicy Sobranetskaya, Ladislav Moysh, Otto Faltyn

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