The Chronicle by George the Monk and Its Relation to Theodore Lector’s Work

Rafał Kosiński


The hereby article deals with the dependence relation between the  Chronicle by George the Monk and eodore Lector’s Ecclesiastical History. As our analysis has demonstrated, George the Monk makes ample use of the material from eodore’s History, either through the Epitome or through some unidentified abridgement of eophanes’ Chronography. In his treatment of the Epitome material, George the Monk frequently copies it literally, slightly adapting it to fit in with the composition of his Chronicle. e author also draws on the Epitome of John Diacrinomenos’ work, from which he quotes fairly accurately. It is best to approach with caution Carl de Boor’s proposition to ascribe two passages (annotated as E 397 and E 441 in Hansen’s edition) to the Epitome, but it is fair to suggest that another passage from George the Monk’s Chronicle, concerning the emperor eodosius and an unidentified hermit (607, 13–608, 9), should be associated with the Theodoran tradition.

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George the Monk, Theodore Lector, Church History, Theophanes

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