De Historiarum indice Theophylacto Simocattae falso attributo observationes selectae

Anna Kotłowska, Łukasz Różycki, Andreas Gkoutzioukostas


De Historiarum indice eophylacto Simocattae falso attributo observationes selectae is  to thoroughly research the authenticity of the so-called index thorough research of Theophylact’s Historiae (Οἰκουμενικὴ ἱστορία). The analysis of the relation of the table of contents to the text of Historiae in three independent aspects (1. Contents analysis, 2. Linguistic analysis,
3. Structural analysis) has demonstrated the existence of differences that are so significant, both on the informative and linguistic levels, that inauthenticity of the index is well-grounded.

Słowa kluczowe

eophylact Simocatta, eophylact’s Historiae, Historiae – the table of contents

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