Corpus Theodorianum. Preliminary Propositions for a New Arrangement of Theodore Lector’s Legacy

Rafał Kosiński


The article is concerned with proposing a new view of the corpus of Theodore Lector’s material. The author argues that the “dualistic” division of the entire body of the legacy material, as performed by Günther Christian Hansen, is not precise and may lead to a number of interpretation difficulties. The present article propounds that the Corpus Ttheodorianum be divided into the following sections: E (Greek and Latin epitomes), F (fragmenta), T (the remaining
tradition), and, in addition, D (dubia), the latter part comprising the texts whose relation to Theodore’s Church History is uncertain or controversial.

Słowa kluczowe

Theodore Lector, Church History, eophanes, George the Monk, Epitome, Victor of Tunnuna

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