African Authors in the East in the Times of Justinian: Their Works and Sources

Stanisław Adamiak


The paper deals with four sixth century authors who were of African origin, but whose works are our major sources of information for the history of the Christological controversies of the sixth century in the East. The works of Facundus of Hermiane and Liberatus of Carthageare of particular relevance here; both of them spent some time in the East, where they gathered material for their work. The chronicle of Victor of Tunnuna is also very important, as it followsthe text of Theodore Lector exactly for the period when Theodore was an autonomous writer,not depending on Socrates, Sozomenos and Theodoretus. Some attention is also given to Junillus Africanus, who wrote his exegetical treatise in Constantinople.

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ree Chapters controversy, Facundus of Hermiane, Liberatus of Carthage, Victor of Tunnuna, Junillus, Justinian

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