Małżeństwo Włodzimierza Igorewicza z córką chana Konczaka... Przyczynek do badań nad wpływem małżeństw mieszanych na relacje rusko-połowieckie

Michał Michalski


An important problem in the history of 11th–13th century Rus’ were the family relations of the Rus’ and Polovtsians aristocracy. The mixed marriages between the representatives of these people influenced political relations, culture and led to the rapprochement of both groups. One of the marriages contained between Rus’ and Polovtsians influential families wasthe wedding of Vladimir Igorevich with the unnamed daughter of Konchak Khan. Vladimir Igorevich did not play a great role in the history of Rus’, but his marriage had some influence onthe historical situation of the turn of the 12th and 13th century. The prince guaranteed the alliedagreement concluded by his father – Igor Svyatoslavich with Konchak khan. A marriage withthe daughter of a khan gave Vladimir the opportunity to receive support from nomads duringthe war for control the Halych.

Słowa kluczowe

Włodzimierz Igorewicz, chan Konczak, NN córka Konczaka, Igor Światosławowicz, Ruś Kijowska, Połowcy, Latopis hipacki

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