To Ethnic Situation and Immigration in Prešov Until the End of the 16th Century (Selected Issues)

Marcela Domenová


An article presenting the issues discussed in the reconstruction in Prešov (until theend of the sixteenth century). He draws attention to the presence – the influx of foreigners, the coexistence of many nationalities (Germans, Hungarians, Poles, Czechs, Roma, Jews and others), but also Slovaks, presenting toponymy, references, the importance of ethnonyms, onomastics, etc. Particular attention was given to three nationalities – the dominant among Prešov residents– Germans, Hungarians, Slovaks, what found itself in its spatial space – topography, but also indenominational relations, i.e. in the connection of the so-called preachers of nationality as partof the Roman Catholic religion, and later also (after 1531) as part of the Protestant Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession. e surveys made it possible to determine the nature of the newly adopted duties – their origin, activities and dealing in wine trade. An important conditionfor these problems are enterprises that keep tax / accounting accounts.

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Middle Ages, Renesans, ethnic relations, Immigration, foreigners, burgesses, cras

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