Szkolnictwo polonijne w południowo-wschodniej Francji z perspektywy konsulatu polskiego w Marsylii w okresie międzywojennym

Anna Ambrochowicz-Gajownik


Polish education in France constituted a vital component of the functioning of emigration, the organization of which was supervised by the consular service. It was tasked with supporting the areas of culture and education. In this particular aspect, France’s policy wasnot unambiguous. The authorities in Paris paid no attention to the given issue and, therefore, they ceded responsibility for creating Polish schools to a private organization – the Central Committee of Coal Mine in France. In addition, emigrants were expected to quickly assimilate with the French society. From the perspective of the Second Republic of Poland, it was crucialthat Polish children were exposed to patriotic attitudes as well as given the opportunity to increase their knowledge of three most important school subjects, namely Polish, history andgeography. Establishing Polish teaching outposts and Tursday courses for both teenagers and adults lied within the competence of the Polish Consulate in Marseilles. They were created among the largest Polish communities. The Second Republic of Poland aimed at developing Polish schools in France. Nevertheless, financial factors restricted the selection of appropriate teaching staff, the purchase of school materials and textbooks.

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Druga Rzeczpospolita, Trzecia Republika Francuska, Marsylia, szkolnictwo polskie we Francji, służba konsularna, mikrohistoria

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