Kto zabił Konrada z Montferratu? Podejrzani, ich motywy i możliwości

Krzysztof Kossakowski


This article deals with circumstances of assassination of Conrad marquis of Montferrat.He was murdered by Assassins in 1192, but there is a possibility that they were hired bysomeone. For a long time first and only suspect in this case was Richard the Lionheart – king ofEngland. But there were a lot of people, who had possibilities or motifs (or both) to kill Conrad.e first part of the article contains short description of situation in the Holy Land just beforeand during the Third Crusade. Second part descripts used sources. ird part shows, what thesesources tell us about that murder. Forth part deals with suspects, motifs and possibilities. Articleends with summary and conclusions.

Słowa kluczowe

wyprawy krzyżowe, Ziemia Święta, zabójstwo, asasyni

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