Pomorze Zachodnie (do 1945 roku) jako przedmiot badań regionalnych po roku 1989 w Polsce i Niemczech


  • Paweł Migdalski Instytut Historii i Stosunków Międzynarodowych Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego



Słowa kluczowe:

Pomorze – Pomerania, badania regionalne, historia historiografii


The aim of the paper is to discuss the post-1989 Polish and German regional research on the history of West Pomerania until the year 1945. The first part – which is an extensive introduction to the subject – characterises the research in both countries, as well as in Pomerania, covering the period from the earliest interest in the past of this country in the Medieval Ages to the political transformations in 1989. Then, the author presents the main trends in the post-1989 regional studies of Pomerania in Poland and Germany – the most signicant publishing initiatives – journals, syntheses of the history and source editions, institutions that are engaged in the regional research in Pomerania, in particular emphasising the importance of the non-governmental organisations (NGO) – associations and funds – in the development of this research locally and regionally. The paper also discusses the most signicant problems in the contemporary research and the inuence of the socio-political transformations on this research. As the author indicates, the most signicant problems include the diculties, in spite of the opening of the boundaries, in the Polish-German cooperation, and the pushing of the regional studies out of the universities in Poland as well as in Germany.




Jak cytować

Migdalski, P. (2016). Pomorze Zachodnie (do 1945 roku) jako przedmiot badań regionalnych po roku 1989 w Polsce i Niemczech. Res Gestae, 2, 119–144. https://doi.org/10.24917/3240