Węgrzy w miastach ziemi sanockiej (do połowy XVII w.)

  • Franciszek Leśniak Instytut Historii i Archiwistyki Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN w Krakowie
Słowa kluczowe: Węgrzy, miasta, ziemia sanocka, czasy nowożytne, gospodarka i handel w XVII wieku


The issues of this article relate to economic cooperation between the residents of the cities of thenorthern Hungary, and the western frontiers of Ruthenia. It includes cooperation of merchantson both sides of the Carpathians (transfer of goods, capital, sales of services). The article describesthe contacts of members of the bourgeois elite, but also the townspeople involved in wholesale and retail trade and crafts. It also shows the nature of the presence of Hungarians in the cities ofthe Land of Sanok, including their buyout of real estate in the richest city of the region, Krosno. Additionally, the article shows the conditions of adaptation of those newcomers to the new places.
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LeśniakF. (2018). Węgrzy w miastach ziemi sanockiej (do połowy XVII w.). Res Gestae, 4, 68-82. https://doi.org/10.24917/4033