Mikrohistoria o wielkiej sprawie. Kilka uwag i refleksji po lekturze

  • Jacek Chrobaczyński Instytut Historii i Archiwistyki Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN w Krakowie
Słowa kluczowe: Polacy, Żydzi, stosunki wzajemne, gospodarka, handel, edukacja, Zagłada, pamięć i postpamięć


Monika Sznajderman’s book, reminiscent of a strange title, is a family saga devoted to Polish-Jewish and Jewish-Polish relations. The micro (family) perspective is only a starting point and point of reference for the analysis of phenomena with a much broader horizon of problems – economy, social, political or cultural relations, where family relations, named by name and surname, remain the essential context. The two most important epochs of these relations are clearly stressed in this work – interwar, war and ccupation (the Holocaust). The author, the next generation, but also a great writer, with great talent, but also the insight of the gaze, analyzes difficult issues – semitism and anti-Semitism, wealth and poverty, attitudes and behaviors, difficult relationships. The title “pepper” is obviously the subject of trade, but also a contribution to hard work, solid education, existential reality, undoubtedly also wealth. Great reading not only for experts in Polish-Jewish and Jewish-Polish relations (this is not the same in my opinion), but also for those interested. Great language, many interesting, not easy, also for the author, threads.
Jak cytować
ChrobaczyńskiJ. (2018). Mikrohistoria o wielkiej sprawie. Kilka uwag i refleksji po lekturze. Res Gestae, 4, 194-202. https://doi.org/10.24917/4042
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