K pohľadu československej diplomacie na poľsko-ruskú vojnu v rokoch 1919–1920

  • Ľubica Harbuľová Inštitút histórie Filozofickej fakulty Prešovskej univerzity, Slovakia,
Słowa kluczowe: Czechoslowacja, wojna polsko-rosyjska 1920, polityka zagraniczna, stosunki czechosłowacko-polskie


After the First World War the border dis putes and wars between newly-constituted states definitely contributed to the political instability in the newly developing Europe. Setting the Polish border took nearly three years (1918–1921) and was one of the most difficult periods in modern Polish
history. Thee efforts of Poland to define the eastern borders in accordance with their requirements and visions came across the interests of the local states and the interests of Soviet Russia, which resulted in the Polish-Russian War of 1919–1920, the consequences of which went beyond the region. Development in Poland and its activities in foreign policy in the east, in the years 1919–1920, were followed closely by the Polish southern neighbor – the newly established Czechoslovak Republic. Polish plans in the eastern part of the country did not correspond with the Czech ideas of the role of Poland in Central Europe. Although the opinion of Czechoslovakia about Poland’s activities in the East has been cold from the start, Czechoslovak embassy in Warsaw regularly and fully informed the Prague headquarters about the evolving situation in the east of Poland, about the military activities, but also the impact of these actions on the political development of the Polish political scene and the moods which were present in Polish society. Czechoslovakia maintained a neutral position in the Polish-Russian War of 1919–1920, which ultimately determined the development of bilateral Czechoslovak-Polish relations in the coming years.
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Harbuľová Ľubica. (2018). K pohľadu československej diplomacie na poľsko-ruskú vojnu v rokoch 1919–1920. Res Gestae, 4, 142-153. https://doi.org/10.24917/4057