Organizacje ziemiańskie na terenie Galicji (1906–1919). Struktury, cele i zadania


  • Sławomir Wójs Uniwersytet Papieski Jana Pawła II w Krakowie


Słowa kluczowe:

organizacje, ziemianie, statut, wielka własność, stowarzyszenia rolnicze


The article reviews the history of landowners’ organisations in Austrian Galicia in a systematic manner. Its first part discusses the circumstances that contributed to the creation of separate landowners’ organisations. In addition to associations of large estates such as the United Conventions of Agricultural Circles (Zjednoczone Zjazdy Kół Rolniczych) and Soil Circles (Kółka Ziemian), which aimed at self-education, the phenomenon of the Landowners’ Union (Związek
Ziemian) is also tackled. This was an institution of a banking character established to address one of the most serious problems standing in the way of further development and expansion: the lack of capital. In order to remedy that problem, the Landowners’ Union issued long-term loans to its members. In the next place, the process leading to the unification of landowners’ associations and the creation of Landowners’ Circles (Kółka Ziemiańskie) is analysed, which
put an end to the dualism of associations that existed in Galicia. The statutes of the respective organisations are discussed in a synthetic manner; readers will find out their nature, functions, and purposes.




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Wójs, S. (2020). Organizacje ziemiańskie na terenie Galicji (1906–1919). Struktury, cele i zadania. Res Gestae, 9, 77–96.