Autorytet władzy-władza autorytetu. Autorytety w polskiej przestrzeni publicznej

  • Agata Tasak


The main object of the analysis was to answer whether contemporary Poland faces a crisis
of authority. The notion is considered in two dimensions: authority of power and power
of authority. It needs to be determined whether we are experiencing a deep reformulation
of the very idea of authority, its meaning and function. Another key issue analyzed was
whether role models are still needed and if Poles still need them in a democratic system.
On the basis of available research it is possible to conclude that in fact role models are still
of importance or even much desired in times of crisis. It is also worth mentioning that the
authority of truth and role models of science and its practitioners are particularly worth
preserving. The correlation between the level of education and the level of trust, willingness
to cooperate and the need for authority is present in numerous studies. The conclusion
appears to be obvious: if there is an area, in which the need for revival of authority and the
master-apprentice relation is particularly dire, that area would be the authority of truth,
knowledge and education.