Z Krakowa do Kirowa. O pomniku Iwana Koniewa w latach 1987–1991.

Dominika Czarnecka


The article aims at showing the history of building and disassembling the monument of Ivan Konev – the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union – in Krakow. The monument was one
of the important symbols of the Communist system and the domination of the Soviet Union in Poland. Despite the objections of a considerable part of the society, the monument was
erected by the representatives of the falling regime as a kind of political manifestation. After 1989, the monument became one of the symbols of subjugation and hypocrisy of the Polish
nation that were most quickly demolished by the democratic government. The statue of I. Konev was transported to Kirov, the remaining parts of the monument were disposed of
separately. Although the monument stood in Krakow for only four years, it imprinted in the awareness of the citizens. Its history is particularly interesting in comparison with the then socio-political events and is tightly connected with them. 

Słowa kluczowe

History of Poland between 1945–1989, 1990–2012, the history of Kracow, Kracow monuments, marshal Iwan Koniew

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