"Małżonce mojej za życzliwość zaś jej i pracę ..."- w kręgu rodziny Franciszka Marcina Wolskiego.

Justyna Wieczorek


The article analyzes family relations of a fisherman, Krakow burgher Franciszek Maciej Wolski based on the last will found in the collection of the National Archives in Krakow (the Wawel Branch). From the last will, we learn about his family, his two wives with whom he had two children as well numerous details about members of his extended family. The last will expresses a lot of emotions, painstakingly describes emotional relations between the deceased and the members of his closet family as well as the kinsmen. Information about feelings frequently appers in testaments. however, it should be pointed out that difficulties with researching the family life of testators arise as the last will might present a malformed picture of the past reality. It obliges researches to verify, as it is possible, the information contained in the last will. Doubtlessly, the last will of Franciszek Maciej Wolski is an interesting source meticulously presentss the structure of his family and relations between its members.

Słowa kluczowe

historia Polski nowożytnej, historia społeczna, kultura materialna, Franciszek Marcin Wolski

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