Oblicze ideowo-polityczne Klubu i Stronnictwa Demokratycznego w Łodzi w latach 1937-1939 w świetle prasy.

Ewa Fogelzang-Adler


The article discusses the history of the Democratic Club and the Democratic Party that was created on its basis in Łódź. the organizations operated since February 1938 to September 1939. Thee article also describes their ideology and program as well as the organizational and socio-political activity. Information about the plans of establishing the Łódź branch of the Democratic Club appeared in numerous press headlines at the end of November 1937. Later, articles about the activity of the Club and Party were also published. Their analysis allows for reconstructing a chronicle of the Łódź democratic movement.

Słowa kluczowe

historiaspołeczna i polityczna, życie polityczne

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